Backstepping Controllers for a Cart-Pole System in Two Configurations


The cart-pole system is an underactuated system, with two possible configurations: (i) Gantry, it is an stable system, but under perturbation the system shows a strong swing; (ii) Inverted pendulum, it is an inherently unstable system. The system consists on a single pole mounted on a linear cart whose axis of rotation is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the cart, it is the Linear Motion Servo Plant of the Quanser. The backstepping is a recursive design procedure which finds a Lyapunov function and a control law, this is called “backstepping”, such that the controlled system is asymptotically stable. The backstepping procedure is applied to both configurations and for linear and nonlinear models. The purpose of this paper is to show that both configurations, under linear and nonlinear backstepping controllers track a defined trajectory (here there is a square wave signal) for the cart with minimum swing of the pole, as well as these controllers are appropriated to control underactuated cart-pole system of Quanser.





Fernando Henrique Gomes Zucatelli (ZUCATELLI, F. H. G.)

Magno Enrique Mendoza Meza (MEZA, M. E. M.)



Produto: Pêndulo Invertido Linear

Titulo: Backstepping Controllers for a Cart-Pole System in Two Configurations

Ano de Publicação: 2015

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