A new sliding mode controller for time-delay systems


In this paper is proposed a new scheme of digital control designed to improve the robustness of system with input time delay. It is proposed a discrete-time variable structure control design that takes into account the time delay in the sliding surface to improve the performance of the system when delay is present in the input control. The delay is greater than the discrete sampling period and is treated as a failure to be detected and accommodated. A scheme for fault detection and accommodation is used so that when the delay is present, the controller is adapted for the fault condition. A computer simulation is shown to illustrate the design procedure and to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.





José Paulo F. Garcia (J. P. F. GARCIA)

Lizete Maria C. F. Garcia

Gisele C. Apolinário

Fernando B. Rodrigues

Jean M. S. Ribeiro


Produto: Pêndulo Invertido Linear

Titulo: A new sliding mode controller for time-delay systems

Ano de Publicação: 2012

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